Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Monday

The past week was a very busy but productive one. On Monday my sweet daughter-in-law Rebecca and my grandson lil' Nick spent time with me as we were going to make cards for my son's 21st birthday. I posted the card I made in my previous blog posting. My neighbor/friend Amy came over with her daughter Ashlyn and we all had lunch together. We worked on Ashlyn's birthday invitations, which turned out absolutely fabulous!
Ashlyn's Birthday invitation
Tuesday I needed to clean out my crib, what a mess one can make! Especially when you're having fun.

Wednesday was my baby boy's 21st birthday. His pappa(Dutch for dad) came from the Netherlands. They hadn't seen each other in 7 years so you can imagine it was a special day.
Rebecca + Nick on the banana's

They stayed at Panama City Beach for a few days. My daughter Brandi and her two little boys, Carter and Mason, Amy and Ashlyn and my eight year old, Emma, and I went to celebrate with them at the beach for a day. We had a great time together. I just love my family!
lil' Nick

and Ashlyn
I was on an extreme high having such a great day with my children and grandchildren for the rest of the week, actually, I still am. I am so blessed! 
 I forgot all about wearing my daughters 
Disney princess glasses, haha

I stayed busy busy busy, I registered for Summer classes, attended Field day on Friday, took a trip to Georgia on Saturday and worked two night shifts.
Thank God for Mondays!

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