Thursday, March 10, 2011


I used to make soap. It was a hobby, but I ended up with such an enormous amount of soap, I needed to sell. When I first moved back to Alabama I lived behind my friend Rinske's dairy farm( Working Cows Dairy). Our feet used to get so dry in summer, I decided to make soap with the cow milk. It would make a creamy moisturizing soap. I added some tea tree oil and some peppermint oil. Great oils for feet, I thought. When finished it was a beautiful product. Of course the soap had to cure for a while to get rid of the lye. After the curing process the craziest thing had happened to my soap. There wasn't a trace of  tea tree or peppermint noticeable, all the soap smelled like was CHEESE!
Soap curing (yes soap cures, just like cheese!).
Tea tree soap I sold on Ebay.

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